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3rd 9 Weeks Learning Targets

3rd Grade Math Learning Targets

3rd Nine Weeks

During the third nine weeks I am going to…

Use the “act it out” strategy to solve problems with equal groups (OA.3)

Model division problems to find how many in each group (OA.2)

Model a division problem to find how many equal groups (OA.2)

Use bar models to solve division problems (0A.2)

Relate division and subtraction (OA.3)

Use arrays to solve division problems (OA.3)

Use multiplication to divide (OA.6)

Write a set of related multiplication and division facts (OA.7)

Division rules for 1 and 0 (OA.5)

Divide by 2 (OA.3)

Divide by 10 (OA.7)

Divide by 5 (OA.3)

Divide by 3 (OA.7)

Divide by 4 (OA.7)

Divide by 6 (OA.7)

Divide by 7 (OA.7)
Divide by 8 (OA.4)

Divide by 9 (OA.7)

Use strategy “act it out” to solve two-step problems (OA.9)

Order of operations (OA.8)

Equal parts of a whole (NF.1)

Equal Shares (NF.1)

Unit fractions of a whole (NF.1)

Fractions of a whole (NF.1)

Represent fractions on a number line (NF.2a NF.2b)

Relate fractions and whole numbers (NF.3c)

Fractions of a group (NF.1)

Find parts of a group using unit fractions (NF.1)

Use the strategy draw a diagram to solve fraction problems (NF.1)

Use the strategy act it out to solve comparison problems (NF.3d)

Compare fractions with same denominator (NF.3d)

Compare fractions with the same numerator (NF.3d)

Compare fractions (NF.3d)

Compare and order fractions (NF.3d)

Use models to find equivalent fractions (NF.3a)

Use models to name equivalent fractions (NF.3b)


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