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School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety for Kids!


Since children do not drives buses and cars, they have no idea how much responsibility and concentration it takes. Parents need to educate their children about this to ensure that they behave responsibly when traveling in the school bus.

1. Educate kids about how distracting the driver can cause an accident for which everyone in the bus has to suffer.

2. Teach children that they should not shout, yell, fight, move from one seat to another and shout from windows as it will put them all in danger since the driver is busy keeping an eye on them through the bus mirror instead of concentrating on the road traffic.

3. Make sure your child arrives at the bus stop well before time and stands at least 10 feet (tell them "five giant steps") away from the edge of the road.

4. Educate them to never enter a bus when it is in motion. Let the bus stop and the door open. The driver will nod them in.

5. Take care that water bottle and backpack straps or clothing drawstrings etc. do not get caught in the handrail when entering or exiting the bus.

6. If they drop something beside or in front of the bus, they should first tell the driver that they are going to pick it up or else the driver could mistakenly drive on them.

7. And lastly, let your kids know that riding in the school bus is not a right, but a privilege which can be withdrawn if they misbehave.



Back To School Safety Tips


Whether your child is going to school for the first time or you are used to the hustle and bustle of this season, there are some tips you can always use to make sure that your kids are safe at school.

1. Younger kids should know their name, surname, address and phone number. They should also know how to get in touch with you which can be as easy as knowing your office or cell number.

2. Teach your kids to obey traffic rules if walking to the school or up to the bus stop.

3. It is important to teach your child to not to talk with strangers or accept any food, candy or even rides. This applies to all students from pre-schoolers to teens.

4. Clothes and other objects with drawstrings are very dangerous and should be avoided. Strings can get caught in playground equipment, bus handrails, or on a bolt and cause accidents.

5. Hold daily conversations with your kids about what happened at school so that you stay updated on all the progress and can nip problems in the bud.

6. For older children, advise them to never leave their drinks unattended when heading out with friends.

7. Purchase good backpacks and if necessary, provide them with locks to safeguard valuable belongings like technical gadgets.

8. At home, use parental controls on your computers to keep track of what websites your kids visit.

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